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Cute Cucumber Bowtie Appetizers

By: Anna Smith

These cute cucumber bowtie appetizers are not only delicious but are a sure hit at your next dinner party. This is a great example of food art that will be fun to create and even more fun for your guests to enjoy.

Here are the basic components to putting together this adorable snack:

Crackers or melba toast
Cream cheese based base ( or crab dip or tuna fish based component)
Bowtie pasta
Micro greens
Black peppercorns ( or small pieces of black olives)

Directions: Place your crackers or melba toast down on your plate, and place a healthy dollop of your cream cheese component on the crackers. Pre cut the cucumber in the pattern you see in the photo and place on the cream cheese. Cut the radish so you can make small crescent shaped mouths, and use the peppercorns for eyes, and micro greens for the hair. You can use small cut up pieces of black olives for the eyes if you don’t want to trouble your guests with taking them out before eating. Wrap a small section of the chives green part around the pre-cooked bowtie to finish the look.